Here’s How to Avoid Burnout So That You Can Grow a Successful Life Coaching Business and Help Even More People Create The Life of Their Dreams

As you grow your life coaching business, or any business for that matter, you may find yourself getting to a point where you feel burnt out.

Even though you love your business and the clients you’re serving, there can be times when it feels like you have too many responsibilities tugging at you, and not enough time to get to all of them!

Many life coaches reach a point of overwhelm and exhaustion several times during their entrepreneurial journey – your business grows, and you must then learn to stretch, grow and expand with it.

But the key is not to get stuck in this place.

These are the top 5 most common myths about maintaining a highly successful life coaching business:

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Some life coaches, for example, live their lives and run their businesses from a state of burnout. And you don’t want to be that person! It ultimately doesn’t serve you, your clients or your mission in the world.

An article recently published on shared these simple yet highly effective ways you can avoid burnout and instead, maintain your energy, inspiration and passion for serving your clients and growing your life coaching business:

AVOID BURNOUT METHOD #1: Remember that building a business takes time

Many entrepreneurs begin experiencing feelings of fatigue or burnout because they’re in what I call “push energy” – trying to force results faster than they can come about organically.

These entrepreneurs may expect that they’ll be making a massive difference and earning an abundant income in the first year or so. They’ll then feel extremely disappointed that the results they want are taking longer than expected.

Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, know that your efforts to build the life coaching business you envision will take some time to bear fruit.

Anyone who promises you overnight success simply isn’t credible.

In reality, it takes years to build a highly successful business of any kind.

And so, as you grow your business, be sure to celebrate the little successes along the way! It’s really okay to relax and enjoy the energy that comes with each small win or gain, and this burst of energy will actually help move you forward!

avoid burnout strategies

AVOID BURNOUT METHOD #2: Establish boundaries

It’s very easy for your professional life to blend into your personal life, especially if you work from home. This can easily lead to working unnecessarily long hours and overextending yourself.

Instead, create boundaries for yourself that separate your work time from your leisure time.

For example, if you work from home, I recommend setting up your home office in a different area of the house other than your kitchen table. Ideally, at the end of your work day, you want to be able to leave your desk as a mental cue that the day’s work is done.

You can also change into leisure clothes when you’re done working for the day.

Another great tip is to leave your computer out of the bedroom, which is meant predominantly for rest.

Once you’ve set these type of work-life boundaries, you’ll be amazed at how much freer and lighter you feel in your downtime, making it much easier to renew and rejuvenate yourself and the energy you bring to your business.

AVOID BURNOUT METHOD #3: Change up your routine

Shaking up your old routine actually creates new neural pathways in your brain that will reinvigorate you and help you perform better in your business.

For one thing, you can practice a technique called priming, which involves making changes to your environment that affect your mindset.

You can also experiment with changing your physical stance to affect your mood. For example, as silly as it may sound, get into “superhero” stance, or power pose, for a couple of minutes each day, standing tall and victorious with your hands on your hips while you visualize yourself as Superman or Superwoman!

Do this and you actually change the biochemistry in your body. Your stress hormones go down and your endorphins increase, which will make you much more alert and focused when you sit back down to work!

Top 5 myths about running a highly successful life coaching business:

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AVOID BURNOUT METHOD #4: Reconnect with your mission

Whenever you start to feel flooded with stress or worry about your business, ground yourself by reconnecting to exactly why you chose to become a life coach in the first place.

You chose to start and grow a life coaching business because you deeply care about people, and because you want to make a positive impact on the world.

When you remember the love and integrity that called you to this path, all other stressors are minimized. So when you start to feel burnt out, say to yourself…

“I’m in this business because I LOVE people. I will have a chance to talk to people today, so I’m going to be grateful for all human contact today, whether I’m coaching, talking to potential clients, writing emails, checking on speaking venues… all the many parts of building my amazing coaching business!”

So long as you come from a place of gratitude and never lose sight of the reason you started your business in the first place, your energy and vitality will stay ignited.

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AVOID BURNOUT METHOD #5: Create planned fun

Always make sure that you have time in your calendar that’s carved out just for fun.

This could be dinner with your significant other, a night at a comedy club out with friends, going to a concert, taking off for a three-day weekend and completely digitally unplugging… whatever fun looks like for you!

Remember that the very power breathing you, the spirit in you, absolutely loves fun. It doesn’t thrive on unending work, and will get resistant and sluggish if you don’t sprinkle liberal dosings of fun into your calendar each week.

avoid burnout sparks

Above all, listen to your intuition to avoid burnout

As a life coach for the last 35+ years, I can tell you that the methods I’ve just shared with you above absolutely work when it comes to helping you avoid burnout in your business.

I also recommend that you listen to your own inner voice. Is it telling you to slow down and rest? Change gears? Trust your instincts, stay committed to your mission, and adjust your sails as needed.

You and your clients you are here to serve will both benefit from you being your most vibrant, inspired and energized self.

And now I’d love to hear from you!

What methods or techniques have been helpful for you when it comes to taking care of yourself and avoiding burnout in your life, either personally or professionally?

How do you recharge your batteries?

Share your ideas with me in the comment section below, I’d love to learn more!

8 Responses to 5 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Stay Energized & Inspired In Your Coaching Business

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  2. Jeanne says:

    All you said are true about burnout and most of the time we forget our own needs cuz our life so busy.

  3. Mary Ripper says:

    Great reminders of self-care and keeping fire ignited.

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  5. Valerie says:

    Great tips Mary! Thank you!

  6. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much for this, Mary!! Perhaps burn out was the reason I finally let go of my coaching practice. Good to know.
    This applies to my life in many ways, and I appreciate your insights.It is helpful to know how to recharge. I do have lots of tools in my tool box, thank you for reminding me to use them!!😃

    • Mary Morrissey says:

      Abigail, sounds like this was a real, “A-ha” experience for you 🙂 Always a pleasure to shed light on a situation that has felt dark for a long time. Cheers, Abigail – Life looks good on you!

  7. Betty Bradshaw says:

    Thanks for the information very useful

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