Over the past 30+ years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching and mentoring thousands of people — from CEOs, to heads of state, to single moms — in how to create a life they truly love living.

And often, people who are interested in becoming a heart-centered life coach will ask me, “Am I meant to be a life coach? And is it possible to earn an abundant income as a life coach? What kind of life coach salary could I expect?”

As a coach who has built multiple seven-figure businesses by helping people design lives they love, my answer is an unequivocal “Absolutely, yes!”

In fact, there has never been a better time to be a life coach.

Forbes Magazine recently called life coaching “one of the fastest growing six-figure careers, and this growth is actually happening not just in the United States, but all over the world.

The fact is, we’re living in a time of rapidly expanding awareness…

At this moment in human history, people all over the world are becoming more aware than ever before of the power of the mindset that we hold, the belief system we operate from, and how that predicts and actually dictates the results we experience.

As little as 25 years ago, if you said to someone, “I’m a coach,” they would probably have responded by asking, “What sport?”

But now, people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having a life coach who can help you to maximize your joy, impact, fulfillment and success, and to make your life one you really love living.

Every day, more and more people are becoming aware that there’s a hidden pattern to success — a pattern they want to understand and apply to their lives, in a way that helps them to quickly and easily get extraordinary results.

The topic of building your life around what truly matters to you, and of working with a life coach to help you do this, are becoming part of the normal conversations of everyday life.

How do you tap into this growing awareness and need?

Often, after people come through my heart-centered life coach certification program at Life Mastery Institute, they say, “Now that I know how to coach clients, how do I find clients?”

The truth is, whether they’re aware of it or not, every single person wants more life. They may not believe they can have it, or know how to achieve it, but deep down, people everywhere long for a greater, freer, fuller life…

And when you learn how to speak to the part of someone that wants to grow, you ignite a conversation that can inspire them to sign up for a program with you.

At Life Mastery Institute, my team and I provide life coach training that teaches you how to ignite these kinds of heart-based conversations.

Life Mastery Institute. Which are the multiple ways a life coach can increase their income? Learn more with Mary MorrisseyHere’s how two life coaches enrolled clients during casual conversations

At the end of one of our life coach certification trainings at Life Mastery Institute, one of the women who attended was at the airport getting ready to fly home, but her plane didn’t leave when expected.

The airline decided to take a couple of people to another airport by taxi, so they could catch a different plane to their destination.

This newly certified coach got into a taxi cab with another woman, a stranger, and they began a casual conversation.

The other woman was an attorney, and when the new coach explained what she’d just been certified to do, the attorney exclaimed:

“What?! I told my sister last week that I was just really unhappy with the way I was doing my business, and I just needed to make a change, and I didn’t know how to do that, and maybe I should get a therapist.

“And my sister said to me, ‘You don’t need a therapist. You need a life coach.’

“I said, ‘Well, where am I going to find a life coach?’ And then you’re sitting right next to me in a cab!”

Before the ride was complete, the coach had enrolled her first new client.

And at Life Mastery Institute, we have many, many stories like this!

Once you come to know that every person wants more life, and you know how to have a conversation with them that ignites their hopes and desires… whether they become a client or not, you end up having more of these heart-based conversations.

Some of these conversations catch fire, and the people with whom you’re talking become your clients.

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Not long ago, I was doing a life coach training in Dearborn, Michigan…

And one of my coaches, who had built her business in South Africa, was flying across the globe to come to the training.

She got into a conversation with the man who was sitting next to her on the plane, and he started sharing stories about his business, while she asked the questions (we call them “evocative coaching questions“) she’d been trained to ask to help him ignite the idea of a life he would love to live.

The conversation evolved, and finally he looked at her and asked, “So what do you do? Are you a therapist?”

She replied, “No, I’m a life coach.” And by the time the plane landed, she had enrolled her next client.

Not every conversation ends in an enrollment, but every conversation can build your success

Even if you don’t enroll the person in a program with you, every conversation helps you connect with people and improve your skills. You become better at having enrollment conversations, and you begin drawing an increasing flow of clients to your business.

Right now, people are actively searching for someone to help them create a life that they love living. There’s an extraordinary demand for heart-centered life coaches today!

If you genuinely care about people, and you have access to a proven system, curriculum of transformation and ongoing support, you can do very well in this profession.

Many of our certified life coaches at Life Mastery Institute earn six and multiple six-figure incomes helping clients create lives they truly love living.

For more proven, step-by-step strategies on how to start or grow a successful life coaching business, and make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of others while creating a life you love, click here to download my FREE ebook, “Are You Meant to Be a Life Coach?”

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Is It Possible to Earn an Abundant Income as a Life Coach?
Is It Possible to Earn an Abundant Income as a Life Coach?

Is it possible to earn an abundant income as a life coach? What kind of life coach salary could I expect? Learn it with Mary Morrissey in the Life Mastery Institute.

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    thank you

  2. Donna Dolly says:

    In the last sentence in the first paragraph under the heading “how do you tap into this growing awareness and need” there is a typo! Even life coaches should proofread! The sentence should read “how do I find clients”. Just thought you’d like to correct!

  3. Andrea Pajon says:

    I’m interesting but I’ll like to know if do you have the classes in spanish. I’m ok whith English too.
    How may I pay the classes, and when starting. I have been working with Latino Community many years. I’m childbirth educatir, and educate people is my passion! I was a coordinator for four years ago, from a program PASOs, in Greenville, that program no body knows until I bring to the community, latino, Anglo, and Afro-American. I found I love to try to chance lives. My passion to teach people take care them self, into the health, mentally and spiritual! Having armonic life.

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