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You’re About to Discover the 3 Most Costly, Commonly Overlooked Mistakes Most Coaches Make That Sabotage Their Business… AND Proven, Time-Tested Strategies For How to Create a Thriving Coaching Business Including:

  • How to Attract Clients
  • Enroll Clients
  • & Coach Clients!

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Congratulations on finding this page! The insights you’re about to receive have been gathered and tested over the past 40 years.

You won’t find this information anywhere else, because it is closely guarded within this industry.

So why are we giving it away?

Because we want to show you that we understand the “behind-the-scenes” of how to become a successful coach, and take you by the hand to help you avoid the costly mistakes almost every aspiring coach makes and achieve lasting success.

We at the Life Mastery Institute have served hundreds of coaches in growing their businesses, achieving their financial goals, and living the rich and fulfilling life of making a difference on the planet. And we know that this is the greatest career ever!

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This Coaching Success Toolkit is for you if:

  • You are considering a coaching career, but have never coached anyone in your life
  • You have already decided you want to become a coach, & are trying to determine which coaching training/certification program is the best investment for you
  • You are already a coach, and want to take your business to the next level
  • You are a part time coach and want strategies to help you go full-time
  • You are a full-time coach and want to take your business to the 6-figure level

Your Coaching Success Toolkit Includes:

Secrets of Successful Coaches Video Thumbnail1. The Secrets of Successful Coaches (Video Training With Mary Morrissey)

During this dynamic 70-min training video with Mary Morrissey you will discover:

  • 3 IMPORTANT tips you absolutely need to know to stand out in the coaching industry and succeed with IMPACT, INFLUENCE, AND INCOME.
  • The 3 biggest mistake most coaches make when building their coaching businesses and how to avoid them.
  • A “Coaching Catapult Secret” which is the most important step you can take to build a thriving coaching business.

30-Minute Strategy Session Mentor Photo Thumbnail2. 30-Minute Strategy Session with a Life Mastery Institute Mentor Coach

One of our highly trained mentor coaches will help you:

  • Get clear on exactly what you would love to create for your coaching business
  • Learn the next best step you can take to help you succeed.
  • Discover hidden assets you have that will help you move forward.

7 Secrets of a Successful Coaching Business Thumbnail3. “7 Secrets of A Successful Coaching Business” (Special Report)

This is something you can’t get anywhere else!

A high-value, insider document that reveals over 40 years of research in the field.

You’ll discover:

  • How to protect yourself and your business from years of expensive trial and error
  • The fastest way to enroll new clients
  • What will make someone pull the trigger and decide they want YOU to be their coach… AND sign up for long term coaching
  • The best place to find new clients so your coaching well never runs dry
  • The #1 mistake that most new coaches make

The Coaches Six-Figure Formula Thumbnail4. “The Coaches Six-Figure Business Formula” (PDF Training)

This illustrated Powerpoint PDF takes all the mystery away from how to build a successful, 6-figure coaching business. You’ll see exactly what steps you need to take, and in what order, to achieve a successful coaching business of this magnitude.
It IS possible!

You’ll discover:

  • The #1 key to attracting new clients
  • 2 additional sources of income most coaches ignore (miss these and you’ll never reach the 6-figure coaching level)
  • The exact numbers and sources behind how your 6-figure income is generated (duplicate this model and you literally CANNOT fail)

Secrets of Successful Coaches MP3 Thumbnail5. Secrets of Successful Coaches MP3 (Audio Training With Mary Morrissey)

This audio version of Mary’s video training “The Secrets of Successful Coaches”, is easy to put on your MP3 player or SmartPhone so that you can listen on the go.

It also contains bonus material not included in the video.

Because this training contains so many valuable insights, we knew it was important for you to be able to listen multiple times. This is a convenient way to absorb the material anywhere you choose.

Ongoing support on your journey to building a profitable & fulfilling Life Coaching Practice…

You’ll also receive a series of high-value emails directly from Mary Morrissey that will give you some of her very best tips to guide you on your path of becoming a successful coach.

We want you to take a deep breath here and know that you CAN achieve your dreams… You’re in the right place… And we look forward to supporting you to reach your biggest coaching goals.

Just tell us where to send it using the form on the right, and we’ll email you the entire Coaching Success Toolkit.

We believe in you!